Donations to Houston Intergroup


Intergroup is supported in part by direct contributions from recovering alcoholics.

There are several ways to donate to help Intergroup carry the message. Donate via check or cash, or use our convenient online donations page. To learn more, call 713-686-6300.

Donate Online

Group Contributions

Intergroup Association, Inc. accepts contributions from meetings, groups and clubs at the Intergroup Office. We accept checks, money orders, cashiers’ checks and cash. Please bring or mail your contributions to the address above. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Always clearly mark your contributions with the name of your meeting or group.

Individual Direct Gifts

Intergroup Association works fully in accordance with A.A. Traditions. Donations are accepted ONLY from members of the Fellowship. We do not accept outside donations from non-members or from other organizations. Under AA guidelines, donations from individual members are limited to $5000 per year.

Birthday Club

Many members of the Fellowship choose to make a donation to show their gratitude to A.A. on their birthday. Typically, this is called becoming a member of the Birthday Club. Members donate a dollar or some multiple for each year of their sobriety annually. Birthday Club givers can use our online donation page to set up an annual automatic payment on your debit or credit card.

Faithful Fivers

One of the best ways you can help us carry the message is to become a member of the “Faithful Fivers”. These are people who donate $5 or more each month to supporting our primary purpose around the greater Houston Area. Faithful Fiver donations can be set up on a monthly automatic charge on your debit or credit card through our online donation page.

Intergroup is very appreciative of all donations. As Bill W. remarked, it’s not how much you give, but the fact that you do give to help support A.A.

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