There are several ways that you can help Intergroup carry the message. First, you can simply make a donation to Intergroup and this money will assist us greatly. You can stop by the offices, donate securely online through this website, or send a check to:

Intergroup Association
4140 Directors Row
Suite D
Houston, TX 77092


Please mark your check “donation”. As an alternative, you can also make a donation though the use of your debit or credit card at any time. Please see the link below.


Donate Online

To make a secure online donation, click here



Birthday Club

Many members of the Fellowship choose to make a donation to show their gratitude to A.A. on their birthday. Typically, this is called becoming a member of the Birthday Club. Members donate a dollar or some multiple for each year of their sobriety annually.
Please see the link below or stop by.


Faithful Fivers

One of the best ways you can help us carry the message is to become a member of the “Faithful Fivers”. These are people who donate $5 or more each month to our primary purpose around the greater Houston Area. These donations can be made each month, or you can set up a monthly automatic withdrawal through your debit or credit card. Details are shown in the link below.


Please Note

Intergroup Association works fully in accord with A.A. Traditions. Donations are accepted ONLY from members of the Fellowship. We do not accept outside donations. Under AA guidelines, donations from individual members are limited to $3000 per year.


Intergroup is very appreciative of any donations. As Bill W. remarked, it’s not how much you give, but the fact that you do give to help support A.A.